Daniel Lindsay Associate Director

Much of Daniel’s work focuses on economic impact assessment and appraisal. He is experienced at developing and testing the strategic and economic rationale for public investment and has developed business cases for projects as diverse as Crossrail 2 and Factory Manchester.
Daniel also regularly provides analysis of local and functional economic areas and has supported a variety of master plans and structure plans in the UK and overseas. He recently advised on the potential opportunities for sub-regional growth arising from HS2 stations at Toton (East Midlands) and Crewe. Further afield, his assessment of economic and employment activity and the potential for long term economic diversification in Jeddah underpinned the city-wide Structure Plan.

Daniel is an experienced project manager and has led a series of complex multi-disciplinary studies drawing on a range of specialist inputs including planning, transport planning, urban design, cost consultancy and property market analysis.

In his spare time Daniel likes to get out on his bike, but prefers rides that include a break at a decent café.