Alex Quattrone Research Consultant

Alex joined Regeneris as a Research Consultant in 2015. He is currently completing an MSc in Urban Regeneration at UCL and previously graduated from the same university with a BSc in Urban Planning, Design and Management.

Alex is experienced at understanding and critically analysing complex socio-economic issues. Since joining Regeneris he has worked on projects with public sector clients, including socio-economic baseline studies, sector analysis and economic evaluations. Prior to joining Regeneris Alex volunteered in the Economic Regeneration department at the London Borough of Ealing and completed an internship at New London Architecture. As part of a volunteering programme, he conducted detailed research for the People‚Äôs Empowerment Alliance for Custom, to assess future impacts of development and to formulate a strategy to protect local business in response to the regeneration of the area. 

Outside the office, Alex is a keen footballer and enjoys experimenting with new vegetarian recipes.