Measure Performance

We undertake independent evaluation and review of programmes, projects and organisations. We offer challenging and practical advice to help improve front-line delivery and boost service performance. We use a range of creative tools to measure and demonstrate the impact and value of investments to clients and the wider economy.

  • Understand Programme Impacts

    We deliver rigorous evaluations to help clients’ grasp the achievements and impact of their investments. We specialise in the review of large and complex policies and programmes to pin-point net economic impacts and illustrate wider effects. We undertake robust and intelligent research to capture the breadth of achievements and support future delivery by developing straight-forward conclusions and recommendations.

  • Evaluate Project Performance

    We undertake in-depth evaluation of projects and initiatives to help investors and delivery teams rate how they are performing. We deploy quantitative and qualitative research methods to gain a real appreciation of strengths, challenges and achievements. We help sustain and revitalise services through clear, practical advice and recommendations for change.

  • Review Operations & Delivery

    We support our clients to navigate through the operational challenges of delivering quality services while securing value for money and generating lasting impacts. We advise public, private and third sector clients to explore innovative delivery solutions, enhance collaboration and make more effective use of the talent and resources at their disposal.