Yorkshire Humber ERDF

Yorkshire Humber ERDF

The European Regional Development Fund is a major source of economic development investment in UK regions. The Regeneris team has been working over the long term with the team running the £500m Yorkshire and Humber Programme providing advice and support to enhance the impact and effectiveness of investment.

Our initial work assessed the design of the programme and the system put in place to oversee its roll out. Most recently we have been engaged to undertake a full mid-term evaluation of the Programme's achievements. Our work has included a mix of interviews with partners and stake-holders, project review sessions, beneficiary surveys and desk based analysis of performance data. Our report was designed to help the European team secure the Programme's goals, make the best use of the resources it has available and maximise its leverage among partners.

The evaluation explored the performance of projects against targets and generated insights and intelligence on its overall achievements. We have set out estimates of the current and forecast impact of the programme in what has been a very difficult and evolving landscape and provide a range of recommendations for how the programme can operate more efficiently, invest more quickly and retain its focus on re-structuring the competitiveness of the regional economy.

Long-term strategic evaluation of £500m regional ERDF programme.