Wirral Waters Economic Advice

Wirral Waters Economic Advice

Wirral Waters is one half of Peel Waters; two complimentary and balanced waterside projects on either side of the River Mersey. It is the largest, and one of the most visionary regeneration projects in the UK. It is a major opportunity for Wirral to reposition itself as a major new investment location, attracting inward investors and growing new sectors. 

We provided expert economic development guidance to Peel and their team led by Turleys over a four year period. This covered the period from the initial development of the vision to the implementation strategy and eventual submission of the outline planning application.  Our inputs included the development of the underpinning economic, enterprise and community infrastructure strategies. These helped shape the vision and delivery approach, to the detailed economic and social impact assessment. 

The outline planning application was approved by Wirral Council in 2011. Reinforcing the importance of this new investment location, the Coalition Government recently designated Wirral Waters at the heart of a Merseyside Enterprise Zone.

Economic Development Guidance to Peel Developments in Developing their Vision and Plans for one of the Most Exciting New Developments in the UK.


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