Manchester Skills Research

Manchester Skills Research

The Manchester Independent Economic Review (MIER) is one of the largest and most detailed studies of what makes a city region’s economy tick and how its performance could be raised up to that of the best.  It drew together an advisory panel of leading experts from across the UK, Europe and the US. 

Working alongside Manchester University, we led one of the research strands looking at the contribution that skills make to economic performance.  Our particular focus was the factors which attract and retain highly skilled and talented workers to cities.  The work was based on a very detailed and fine grained spatial analysis of comparator city regions (Bristol, Glasgow, Leeds, Birmingham and London) using travel to work, occupational and employment data to establish the relative scale (density) and strength of labour markets in the Manchester City Region.

The research was used to identify areas of current or potential strength in the city region's economy.  Our work has been influential in helping to inform the work of the Greater Manchester Local Economy.  Our analysis has also been replicated by other city regions seeking to understand how they can attract more highly skilled workers.

Ground breaking research examining how the Manchester City Region can attract and retain more highly skilled and the role this plays in driving economic growth.


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