Superfast Broadband Evaluation

Superfast Broadband Evaluation

The Superfast North Yorkshire project was set up to improve access to and utilisation of high speed broadband infrastructure by SMEs in North Yorkshire. The scheme deployed more than £28 million European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and Broadband Development UK (BDUK) funds and has three main elements:
• rollout of superfast broadband to parts of North Yorkshire
• activities to boost uptake of the service
• business support services to maximise adoption. 

In 2014, we worked alongside the project team to provide an interim evaluation which checked that both the infrastructure rollout and business support elements of the programme were on track to deliver the outputs, impacts and value for money that the ERDF programme was expecting.  NYnet Ltd used the findings of this evaluation to strengthen their delivery approach in the final stages of the programme.

The final evaluation will be delivered in 2015 and will focus on capturing the overall net economic impact the programme has created and highlighting lessons learned in the delivery process.

Evaluation of public investment in high speed broadband infrastructure in North Yorkshire.


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