SME Finance Market Assessment

SME Finance Market Assessment

Finance Wales provides loans and equity finance to SMEs with a viable business plans but which encounter barriers trying to access the finance needed to grow and diversify. Following our mid-term evaluations of JEREMIE in Wales and England, Regeneris was appointed by Finance Wales to carry out a detailed market assessment for a successor to the current £150m JEREMIE Fund.

We looked at the supply of and demand for microloans, loans to established SMEs, early stage equity and expansion capital. Our work brought together all of the available data on these markets and involved extensive consultations and workshops with stakeholders. We provided recommendations on the potential scale of the finance gap any publicly backed Venture Capital and Loan Fund could be expected fill.

The analysis has shaped the successor JEREMIE Fund and informed discussions with potential funders including the European Investment Bank.

Review of market for financial support to SMEs in Wales


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