Mapping the UK Gaming Industry

Mapping the UK Gaming Industry

The UK Games industry has experienced significant growth in recent years and there is great interest in supporting the sector’s future expansion.

Nevertheless, its size is difficult to measure, due in part to the fact that it is poorly served by official statistics. Furthermore, the sector itself is so fluid, a firm may work in games development as well as visual effects, for example.

Regeneris and Arkenford were commissioned by NESTA to map the UK Games industry. This involved us using a unique business database to locate agglomerations of games businesses in key locations and undertake a detailed analysis of their composition and the potential underlying drivers which may have led to their formation. As well as the new business directory, we drew on established national datasets and triangulated the distribution of businesses against university courses, broadband and other socio-economic factors.

UKIE, the Association for UK Interactive Entertainment will be using the database to promote and engage with the sector going forward.

In-depth analysis on formation patterns and characteristics of UK gaming clusters