Jewellery Quarter Funding Bid

Jewellery Quarter Funding Bid

Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter is a designated conservation area with over 200 listed buildings, and represents a unique historic environment. Birmingham City Council were seeking to create a new public square (the Golden Square) to provide space for public events and temporary exhibitions and serve as a catalyst for further regeneration of the Jewellery Quarter.

We were appointed to prepare an economic impact statement to accompany a £1.5 million funding bid to AWM's 2007-2013 ERDF programme. Our work provided a quantification of baseline economic conditions in the area immediately surrounding the proposed square, predicted impacts once the scheme was in place, and a quantification of the counterfactual scenario.

The bid was successful and added to our substantial track record in quantifying the economic benefits of public realm investments.  

Preparation of a £1.5m ERDF funding bid for a new public square. Our economic impact report was influential in securing ERDF support.


Birmingham City Council