HS2 Local Impact Studies

HS2 Local Impact Studies

HS2 is the proposed high speed rail project linking London to the Midlands (Phase 1) and the North of England (Phase 2). Phase 1 is still at planning stage: the Hybrid Bill was submitted to government in 2013, with a target date of 2015 for Royal Assent, construction commencing in 2017 and the route becoming operational in 2026.

Regeneris has been supporting several local authorities along the proposed route – including the London Boroughs of Camden, Hillingdon and Brent – to assess the likely local impact of the proposals. Our work has examined a diverse range of impacts including core economic impacts (relating to business, employment and development), financial impacts (relating to council income and expenditure), and societal impacts (relating to health and wellbeing of local residents). Our work has also explored the measures which could be put in place to mitigate adverse effects of HS2 construction and operation and to maximise potential opportunities for local residents and businesses.

The evidence provided by our work has been used by each of the local authorities in their petitioning of the HS2 Hybrid Bill.

Technical impact studies to assess the impact of HS2 proposals on local communities


London Boroughs of Camden, Hillingdon and Brent