Herts Employment Sites

Herts Employment Sites

Local Authorities in Hertfordshire were concerned that the county was losing its competitive edge and felt that additional strategic sites were needed to attract new investors and retain local firms.

We worked with GL Hearn, WSP and John Rutherford to investigate Hertfordshire's existing offer in relation to strategic sites and the requirement for additional sites to be identified. Research was carried out into the drivers and market demand for strategic employment land provision. This included a review of economic and commercial property market data, and consultations with businesses and property market professionals to understand Hertfordshire’s existing strengths and future prospects.

We concluded that there was a lack of high quality strategic employment sites to meet future demand and prepared a detailed Action Plan to take forward key sites. Our work is being used to help the Hertfordshire LEP prioritise actions for intervention.

A review of the need for strategic employment sites which can make Hertfordshire more competitive, meeting the needs of existing firms and attracting new high quality investors


Hertfordshire County Council