Venture Capital Finance

Venture Capital Finance

The UK’s 2000-06 European Regional Development Fund programmes contributed over a £1 billion to equity and loans funds providing start-up and growth finance to SMEs. Despite this major investment, little was known about the effectiveness of the financial models being adopted across the UK, investments being made and the economic development impacts they were securing.

The Regeneris study assessed the design and emerging performance of all the ERDF funded venture capital and loan funds in Wales and England. It provided the most comprehensive picture of the challenges which these complex Funds face in working with business, making sound investments and securing returns to be recycled in the future. 

The findings from the evaluation helped shaped the Department of Community and Local Government’s guidance on new venture capital and loan funds. 

Major national evaluation of the success of ERDF funded venture capital and loan funds ion driving enterprise, innovation and regional growth


Department for Communities and Local Governement

Welsh Assembley Government

Department of Business Innovation and Skills