Falklands Oil and Gas

Falklands Oil and Gas

A significant commercial oil discovery was announced by Rockhopper Exploration to the north of the Falklands in 2010, and further oil and gas finds are expected over the coming years. As well as offering major economic opportunities for the 3,000 population of the Falklands, the extraction of these resources has the potential to change many aspects of life on the Islands.

Regeneris Consulting was appointed by the Government there to explore the future economic and social impacts from offshore oil and gas and to assess the likely implications of different development scenarios over the next 20 years.  As well as economic and employment impact, we explored the impacts on infrastructure, housing, skills and migration, as well as possible effects on the way of life and levels of crime and disorder.  Our work involved considerable fieldwork and consultation and a review how oil and gas has affected other remote areas.

Regeneris provided important intelligence to the Falkland Islands Government to help develop their plans and policy responses to the opportunities and risks that this new sector presents.

Analysing the social and economic impacts of planned oil development in the Falkland Islands.


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