UK JEREMIE Funds Evaluation

UK JEREMIE Funds Evaluation

JEREMIE is a major European Commission initiative which provides debt and equity finance to businesses. Nearly £1bn has been distributed in the North East, North West, Wales and Yorkshire.

Regeneris evaluated the effectiveness of the four JEREMIE Funds, looking in particular at how well they targeted businesses, the extent to which they fill the gap left behind by private sector investors and businesses’ satisfaction with the service they received. Our work also assessed the performance of the Funds and the economic benefits they are helping to generate.

The findings from our evaluations were used by Welsh Government, DCLG and the Business Bank to develop the use of JEREMIE for the 2014-20 period.  We have also helped inform proposals for local schemes from LEPs to work alongside the existing funds and the European Investments Bank.

Evaluating the effectiveness of four JEREMIE Funds


JEREMIE Holding Funds