Economic Value of Walsall FC

Economic Value of Walsall FC

Like many other organisations we work with, Walsall FC was keen to understand the economic and social value of their operations to the local area.

Walsall FC has a number of distinctive characteristics that shape its impact on the local economy which Regeneris was asked to set out. These include hosting events, markets and conferences and the club’s commitment to developing and using local talent. We found that 65% of employees live within a 5 mile radius of the stadium and that the club was by far the biggest attractor of visitors to the town each year, many of whom injected money into the wider local economy. 

The club also has a very well-developed community programme, generating extensive social benefits across Walsall.   

Our report was shared with key local stakeholders.

An assessment of the economic and social value of the club to the town of Walsall


Walsall Football Club