ABB Group Impact Study

ABB Group Impact Study

ABB is a leading global firm in power and automation technologies. It has a significant presence in the UK and in particular in the on- and offshore wind market.

Regeneris Consulting was appointed by ABB to undertake an economic impact assessment of the company’s operations in the UK, focussing on its power systems division. Our analysis assessed the full economic footprint of the division’s operations, taking in direct, indirect and induced effects. We focussed especially on quantifying the local content within the company’s supply chain.

A key part of the work was to assess how the company’s UK contribution could change as a result of several planned projects related to Electricity Market Reform (EMR). Our report therefore provided a baseline and projections on ABB’s UK economic contribution. The work was used to inform the company’s public affairs work, case making on EMR and specific bidding processes

Assessing the ABB Group’s current UK economic contribution and how this will change with Electricity Market Reform


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