Economic Impact of Heathrow

Economic Impact of Heathrow

The Airports Commission is reviewing a number of options for future airport capacity in the UK, especially the South East. Proposed options have included a new airport on the Isle of Grain, expansion of regional airports, and the expansion of Heathrow.

Regeneris was commissioned by five business-led partnerships covering the west of London and the M4, M40 and M3 to answer the question: What would be the economic effects of expanding or closing Heathrow Airport? The study explored three main scenarios: do-nothing option; an expanded Heathrow; and the complete closure of Heathrow replaced by a new hub airport to the east of London. The work was based on a detailed literature review, an analysis of official data and the findings of a survey of 450 businesses.

The study was submitted to the Airports Commission, chaired by Sir Howard Davies, as part of the evidence base to inform the debate on the UK’s aviation infrastructure needs.

Economic impact study submitted as evidence to the UK’s Airports Commission


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