East Midlands ERDF Support

East Midlands ERDF Support

The East Midlands Councils engaged Regeneris to advise on how it could support more large, strategic, collaborative ERDF projects for the region. Government and local stakeholders were keen to take advantage of larger impacts, reduced costs and greater simplicity in the next round of European funding (2014-20). Regeneris produced a best practice booklet to promote the benefits of big projects and advice how it can be achieved.

As well as drawing on our extensive knowledge of ERDF projects, we reviewed the performance and effectiveness of a set of case study schemes. Our team consulted with staff on the ground to draw out lessons on how to design and manage large-scale collaborative projects which operate across different districts and involve a range of organisations.

Our report is now being used across the East Midlands to help local authorities, LEPs, universities and economic development agencies start the early work needed to develop large strategic collaborative projects under the 2014-20 round of European funding.

A review of lessons for developing strategic ERDF projects for the 2014-20 funding round


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