DCLG ERDF Research

DCLG ERDF Research

The 2014-20 ERDF programmes will see €6.2 billion available to support economic growth and reduce disparities in England. Preparation of the new Operational Programme setting out how the funds will be allocated and spent began in 2013, and the experience of previous programmes has an important role in shaping how the funds are managed and delivered.  

To support the development of the new programme, DCLG commissioned Regeneris Consulting and Pete Tyler of the University of Cambridge to carry out research on the 2007-13 ERDF programmes in England.  Our work sought to measure the impact of ERDF investment on SMEs, using an innovative technique not widely used in public policy evaluation.  Its wider focus was the question of ‘what works?’ in promoting growth and employment with ERDF investment, drawing on UK and international evidence on areas including innovation, business support, transport and the low carbon economy.  Alongside this, we examined programme governance and management, and provided a series of recommendations for the Government and its partners to consider.

Regeneris has also seperately been working with DCLG and the Welsh Government on Ex-Ante Evaluations of the English and Welsh 2014-2020 ERDF Programmes.

For more information on these projects, please contact Neil Evans on 0161 234 9910.

Research into the performance and impact of the 2007-2013 English ERDF Operational Programme