Crossrail 2 Impact Study

Crossrail 2 Impact Study

Crossrail 2 is a proposed rail project linking south west and north London. Route development is currently ongoing and it is anticipated that construction will not commence until after the completion of Crossrail 1 in 2019.

Regeneris Consulting – alongside JM and LSH – was appointed by LB Waltham Forest to examine the implications of TfL’s draft Crossrail 2 route proposals for their Borough. Our work identified a long list of possible options for the Crossrail 2 route through the Borough, assessed the technical feasibility of each option and then examined the socio-economic and regeneration implications of each option. We examined the transport, development and regeneration cases for Crossrail 2 stations to be located at different locations in the Borough and across north London more generally.

Our work was used to underpin the local authority’s response to TfL’s latest round of consultation on Crossrail 2 route options in summer 2014.

Assessing the feasibility and impact of different route options for Crossrail 2 in North London


LB Waltham Forest