Durham Economic Assessment

Durham Economic Assessment

The County Durham Economic Assessment (CDEA) was prepared by the private sector led Economic Partnership.  It provides an insightful and thorough analysis of performance and prospects of the County and has been central to the preparation of partners’ investment plans for the next decade. 

Regeneris Consulting was commissioned to develop the 'People and Skills' strand of CDEA. The objective of the work was to develop a robust basis to inform investment prioritisation and action planning with partners. A series of Issues Papers were produced in order to stimulate debate among partners at a number of stakeholder workshops. These sessions were used to identify the agreed employment, skills and community issues facing the County and its local areas and to gaining agreement on the priorities for action in tackling these issue.

Besides playing a role in shaping one of the key aspects of the CDEA, the analysis and prioritisation has informed a number of successful funding bids.  

A detailed and insightful skills assessment which has helped to inform the Durham Economic Partnerships priorities and investment plans for the next decade.


Durham Economic Partnership