Cheshire East Housing Need

Cheshire East Housing Need

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and recently published Planning Practice Guidance (PPG) set out the how future housing need should be assessed in the preparation of local plans.  Factors including population change, economic growth and market signals should all be taken into account in identifying the full, objectively assessed need for a housing market area.  How this process is carried out is a key part of the testing of local plans, and is set in the context of the need to significantly boost England’s housing supply recognised by the NPPF.

Regeneris carried out analysis of housing need in Cheshire East, using a wide range of national and local data on population change, migration, the labour force and housing. Our assessment underpinned representations submitted in response to local plan consultations, and provided evidence to support planning applications and Section 78 planning appeals. 

The Inspectors interim conclusions on the Submission Local Plan found favour with our analysis and recommended to Council fundamentally revisit its approach to assessing housing need.

Objective Assessment of Housing Need


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