BT Impact Studies

BT Impact Studies

BT is one of the largest companies in the UK, employing over 72,000 people across the country. It also spends billions of pounds every year on UK-based suppliers, supporting tens of thousands of jobs. Almost uniquely, the firm has a presence throughout the UK. It is an important employer for many local areas, both directly and indirectly

Since 2011, Regeneris Consulting has been appointed to produce regular assessments of BT Group's contribution to the UK economy, its regions and local areas. We have been working closely with the company to understand its contribution as an employer and as a purchaser of local goods and services, and using our in-house modelling tools to estimate the consequent economic impacts. Our analysis examines the contribution of the company at a national level as well as its presence in local areas up and down the country.

Our work is used on a regular basis by BT to inform PR and external affairs activities, and bidding processes. Our latest economic impact report can be viewed here.

Other examples of our work for the BT Group include an analysis of fibre broadband investment in cities and broadband impact case studies across the UK.

Technical impact studies to assess BT's contribution to the UK economy


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