Blackpool Leisure Assets

Blackpool Leisure Assets

As part of plans to rejuvenate Blackpool's family tourism offer, NWDA was asked to fund a series of strategic acquisitions of some of towns best known leisure assets including Blackpool Tower. By bringing these assets into public ownership it was hoped new operators could be attracted, triggering substantial redevelopment works.

We were commissioned to carry out a Green Book economic appraisal of NWDA's proposed investments. Our early work explored issues of eligibility, alternative options, and potential net economic returns in detail leading to some re-modelling of the preferred option. Our final report was presented to NWDA's Board and the government’s Central Projects Review Group.

The project was approved by central government and NWDA and Merlin were subsequently confirmed as the new operator of both Blackpool Tower and the Winter Gardens. The remodelled Blackpool Tower opened for business in Autumn 2011.

Green Book economic appraisal of a project to acquire some of Blackpool’s premier tourism attractions. Using our evidence the scheme was approved, and new operators and investment attracted.